The Founder

I believe that every human being who is God’s creation must be treated with respect and dignity. I believe that every person can make a difference in this world. I believe that if God blessed you in any way, then you have the obligation to share your blessings with others. These believes push me every day to do more for myself and to do even more for others. This is where my passion to work with persons with disabilities emanates.

My life’s journey from very humble beginnings has taught me that every situation can change. Every effort is rewarded. Everyone must believe in their dreams and work very hard to achieve them. My dream for this foundation is to see persons with disability enjoy good livelihood, have access to: health care; education; access to assistive devices; employment opportunities and access to financial support for self-employment. We will work very closely with all stakeholders to achieve the Vision and Mission of this foundation.

I believe that every individual has the capacity of doing wonders if given support. But persons with disability have the unique quality of unbeatable confidence and strong determination of achieving their goals, this I have witnessed many times over the past 30 years of working with persons with disabilities in Tanzania. The focus is not on the disability but the ABILITY. I dedicate this foundation to the persons with disabilities in Tanzania.


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