Dr. Reginald Abraham Mengi

About Us

The Dr. Reginald Mengi Persons with Disabilities Foundation (DRMF) is a Trust, registered on the18th May 2018, in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Trustees Incorporation Act (cap 318 0f 2002).

Our mission

The mission of the foundation is to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities in Tanzania. The foundation recognizes the challenges that persons with disabilities and their families are confronted with on a daily basis. We do everything we can to alleviate the obstacles, improve quality of life and empower persons with disabilities to fulfill their potential.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to ensure that Tanzania has an inclusive and empowered community, where persons with disabilities are accorded their rights and are treated with respect, kindness and dignity. The founder, Dr. Reginald Mengi had a long history dating back over 30 years, of working with persons with disabilities. He had created significant goodwill and strong loyalty in this field. Using this goodwill, the foundation plans to position itself as the National body championing the welfare and rights for people with disabilities. The Foundation is working towards the attainment of educational equality, economic independence and their active participation in social, cultural, political and civil life.

Our main goals include:

  •  Advocate changing the perception of persons with disabilities to believe in themselves. To promote the “I CAN” attitude.
  •  Advocate changing the perception of the society on persons with disabilities. To promote the ‘ENABLE not DISABLE” attitude.
  •  Advocate and promote economic empowerment for persons with disabilities
  •  Champion prevention of disabilities in the society and promote inclusive health care for persons with disabilities.
  •  Promote access to inclusive education for persons with disabilities