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Dr. Mengi Persons with Disabilities Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with GlobalGiving

We here at Dr. Mengi Persons PWD Foundation are happy & honored to announce that we have onboarded and will be working very closely with GlobalGiving, who will be providing us with the necessary tools to keep our work rolling smoothly.

GlobalGiving is a Nonprofit Organization that for the last 20 years has been helping connect donors and well-trusted, community-led organizations from around the world.GlobalGiving brings the know-how on accessing tools, training, and the support needed to make the world a better place.

We will be working with GlobalGiving through their Kukuza Uwezo project in Tanzania and we have rooted out 6 Key areas through which we share a vision on how to improve not only the lives of others but also to grow us as an organization.

The Key Areas will be:

  • Developing a 7-part operational policy manual.
  • Reviews of a 5-year strategic plan on how we move forward and engage with the public.
  • Conducting a financial audit.
  • Engaging a full-time account through 2022/23
  • Conducting of Board training
  • Conducting Mental health baseline research for youth and adolescents in the Kinondoni, Dar Es Salaam area
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