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Dr Mengi Foundation to stage "I Can" awards for persons with disabilIty

IPP Executive Chairman Reginald Mengi’s Foundation yesterday launched Tanzania’s first award to recognise talents and achievements of people with disabilities.

Shimimana Ntuyabaliwe, Managing Director of the Dr Reginald Mengi Persons with Disabilities Foundation, addresses a press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday during the inauguration of the foundation’s ‘I Can Awards’. These will go to persons with disabilities who will have made remarkable achievements in various sectors. Photo: Selemani Mpochi

The ‘I can’ award organised by Dr Reginald Mengi Persons with Disabilities Foundation will unveil its inaugural winners in February 2019 during the philanthropist’s annual dinner with people with disabilities, it was announced yesterday.

“This awards is aimed at recognising and encouraging the persons with disabilities as well enhancing mindset change towards the handicapped,” said Shimimana Ntuyabaliwe, the Foundation’s Managing Director.

The winners will receive a special award, a certificate and money in cash. Those eligible to participate are Tanzanian citizens with disabilities who have achieved successes which can be taken as an example and a source of motivation to others.

Winners of the ‘I can’ awards will be selected among people with disabilities who have done great things which can be used as an example to the society in areas like education, politics, leadership, entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports and other fields.

The Foundation was formed in recognition to Dr Mengi’s contributions towards improving the lives of the people with disabilities in the country.

During this year’s dinner early February, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa proposed establishing a foundation to coordinate and address challenges facing people with disabilities in the country, in honour and appreciation to the passionate commitment by Dr Mengi in advocating for the welfare of the needy in the country.

The Premier who graced the luncheon hosted by Dr Mengi for people with disabilities in Dar es Salaam said the IPP Executive Chairman has done enough, noting that it was time for the government and other stakeholders to join him on this initiative.

He said it was enough now for Dr Mengi to carry the whole burden of assisting people with disabilities personally.

He proposed that the foundation be named ‘Dr Reginald Mengi Disabled Foundation’ and promised to inject 10m/- in the fund once it begins operations.

He said the name of the foundation will be an appreciation to the personal efforts by Dr Mengi and his family in giving what he has for the needy, declaring that he will go into the records as one of the few Tanzanians who are passionate about the lives of others.

“Dr Mengi has led the way for 24 years and the government recognised his role and commitment towards improving the welfare of the people with disabilities ,” the Premier further intoned.

“Therefore IPP people should immediately work on registering the foundation so that everyone who is concerned should put his support in the foundation,” he added.

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